Help me šŸ˜­

Sarah ā€¢ Wife, Mother, Christ follower

So I had my wisdom teeth out and had to pump and dump yesterday because of the anesthesia in my system. Baby took a bottle of pumped BM just fine, it was great bla bla bla - I only pumped when she would normally eat, but I did pump off both sides and she normally only eats off one. I have no idea why I did that - it's not like I needed extra milk to dump šŸ¤¦ā€ā™€ļø my right breast is suuuuuuper full and sore and I'm terrified of getting mastitis šŸ˜­. What do I do?! I've been trying to hand express but cant get enough out to relieve the pain...scared to pump because I think I'll signal my body to make more! Cant go back to feeding my baby for a couple hours, but I'm worried I'm going to drown her when I do šŸ˜‚