Threatened miscarriage

Has anyone ever had this and still had a healthy baby ? I’m so sad and worried yesterday I went to the ER because of spotting and bad cramping they did an ultrasound and they said I am measuring accurately to the weeks I am but the doctor said there is blood next to baby and that it’s a threatened miscarriage that can go either way either be fine or miscarriage they also checked my hcg levels and they said it was at 2800 he said the levels and ultrasound are where they should be but is that too low I feel like some people have it higher I am 5 weeks barely turned 5 weeks yesterday I will be getting another blood test on Friday but I’m just so scared after researching online it says some people just spit and don’t cramp and that’s good and I read if your spotting and cramping it’s a bad sign and I’m having both 😢😢😢😢 i am so scared i also read some people get shots to prevent the miscarriage he didn’t say anything about that he just said to rest a lot