I went to my routine doctors visit on Monday and when they measured me they told me they were going to send me for an ultrasound. Well I went to my ultrasound, had to go directly to talk to doctors from that, then back for more ultrasound, then directly for a non stress test, and now I’m waiting to talk to neonatal specialists. I’m 37 weeks but baby is only measuring at 32. He’s only weighing in at 4lbs 6oz. I haven’t gained any weight in 3 weeks. They believe I have what’s called an inner uterine growth restriction. Now I’m just waiting for these specialists to call me to go for yet another ultrasound and trying not to worry myself sick. They told me baby is 100% healthy. His heart is working wonderfully, diaphragm is moving normally and he has great movement he’s just very tiny and not showing any signs of new growth. However being a FTM I can’t help but worry about my baby boy. I barely know what’s going on to begin with, now to add in complications just has me so concerned.