Finally a "positive"


Hello my name's Mariah, I am 27 and married. Me and my husband have been together for 12 years married for 6

We have Haydin 6, 👼 @7 weeks, 🌈Nevaeha 4 1/2, and baby #4 coming September 20th 2019 as of yesterday 😁

I paint and love Bob Ross so I found this to be fitting lol. I hung this in the cupboard my husband always goes into and waited for him to open it and thankfully caught his reaction on camera lol.

We had been trying for a year and I have been dealing with lots of health issues after the depo shot that was causing me not to ovulate..or so we thought. I had been getting 2 periods every month for the last 6 months, this was the first time I didn't so I just figured maybe my periods were gonna go back to normal..when the day I was suppose to start came and went I was thinking crap is this my system messing up again? So I took a test expecting it to be negative, ( we've had plenty 😔) I peed in the cup, added the drops, finished up and washed my hands, then walked away to get something to throw the test and everything my surprise I picked the test up and saw 2 lines!! I was so shocked I started shaking. We couldn't be happier and are just hoping for the best...our 6 year old has a rare genetic disorder but only 1 in 4 kids will get it so🤞🏼 plus the fact that I've miscarried before makes us worried also.