Mommy of 2...HELP!

Bridget • Wifey/Boymom x 2/Nurse

I need some mommy advice, motivation, “words of wisdom!”

Currently have a 1 month old and 2.5 year old and I feel like each day is “survival” and just “winging it!” I am breastfeeding so of course can’t expect a routine/schedule from the newborn yet! Hubby is a hugeeee help when he can but he leaves early in the am for a work I get both kiddos ready in the am and bring the 2.5 year old to sitter. I either feel like I’m neglecting my 2.5 year old as I’m tending to the newborn or neglecting the newborn in swing, etc while I’m wrestling the 2.5 year old! Lol! Thank God my toddler is good, for the most part! Haha!

Everyone tells me this is normal that you just have to do what you have to do but I still feel so bad! I am also stressing bc in 2 weeks I go back to my full time job! Just trying to tell myself that they are alive and loved so I have done my job and that it will get easier! 🙏🏻😫🤞🏻