Been feeling a bit discouraged..

Elizabeth • Mommy of 6👧👧👼👼👼🤰🌈baby due september 29th, but should be coming any day!!!

By this time(8dpo) with my last two.pregnancies I was pulling faint positives. My husband and I have been trying for 4 years and it's resulted in 3 angels. Our daughter at 21 weeks and our twins, one at 9 weeks and our only son at 18.6 weeks.. Both pregnancies happened immediately when we decided to start trying. This is the first month we have tried since losing the second of our twins 10 months ago. I've taken 2 regular frer tests and 2 digital and though i felt like i could see the faintest line on the line tests both digitals were negative and both line tests could have easily been indents as they were so faint it was hard to tell of there was color or not...i'm just feeling like it didn't happen for us this time. Like after our losses now I'm not going to be able to get pregnant. I already have a hard time carrying to viability, now i'm going to struggle to get pregnant as well..i'm going to test again closer to my period date, i'm just feeling like the universe is against us.