Feeling discouraged...

J • This girl Loves God! / Married 01/02/15💍 / 3 years TTC👶 #1 / PCOS / Chemical Feb '18 / Baby due August 2020!

We've been TTC for 17 months, with a chemical pregnancy exactly one year ago. Havent been able to get pregnant since then, but finally have some answers! I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2016, and was referred to a fertility specialist last fall. I had an SHG which showed an endometrial polyp, and HSG showed a blocked left fallopian tube. My Dr is amazing, and confident that he can remove polyp and unblock the tube, and our chances of getting pregnant will increase significantly. I'm just feeling a little overwhelmed, and really discouraged with it all.

Any other ladies deal with similar issues and still conceive? I would appreciate your prayers with un this too :)