Hyperstimulated, freezing :(

Jen • I'm 34 with b/g twins via IVF FET, born 11/2016. Had a mc after first IVF/FET, 3 failed IUI, mild endo. 1% morphology
I had bloodwork today (day 9 of stims) and based on my estrogen level (3568), they are afraid I am going to hyperstimulate. To avoid that, they want me to take a Lupron trigger (instead of Ovidrel), have an egg retrieval (looks like we may have 20) on Tuesday, fertilize and freeze the embryos. I had been planning on doing a fresh transfer, so I'm super bummed. They tell me the Lupron trigger should prevent me from getting sick. I sure hope so. This is such a disappointment. Anyone have experience with this? I'm also wondering if I can order genetic testing this late, if I wanted to, since they are planning to freeze anyway.