In laws rant



I can not STAND MY MIL!

She is not had a job in the last 15+years and me and my husband...who just got married at the start of this month..just got asked if her her husband and his brother..he is 19..can move in. When we said yes there was boundaries..she has crossed every single one of them!

She has need bad talking me to all her friends

We are only 21 so we do t have a lot of things but the stuff we do have is being pushed to the back of the house for her stuff..IN OUR OWN HOUSE!.

And the best part was she said now that there is five of us in a house she could go to the local food pantry more than once a month.

WHY IN THE HELL WOULD YOU ABUSE THE FREE FOOD SYSTEM! She is perfectly fine to go get her self a job but she is just to damn lazy! But I promise she knows every little detail of Facebook!

Isn't it supposed to be the parents helping out the kids..not the kids loaning the parents cuz they are broke two days after payday!!ugh

I can't stand them at all!!

They need to get out of our house so we can have our own family...

rant over :)