Does anybody else have these problems with friends?

How do I handle this? 
Friends usually borrow each other's clothes. It's no big deal, I do it with my friends all the time. But with two of my friends every time they borrow something of mine I always get it back in bad condition... even if they're just wearing it for the day I get it back with stains or even rips and it makes me so mad. Am I wrong or selfish to be upset about this? I don't know if I'm just over reacting but literally every time either of these girls has borrowed anything of mine it has come back in bad condition. One time something came back so torn up and stained I asked for a replacement and when we couldn't find one in the same color, she bought a different color for HERSELF and said "oh well, we couldn't find a replacement" for me. In my eyes it seems like these girls are being very selfish and not treating my things with very much respect at all. I don't know how I should react from here.. Any ideas?