When he makes you melt ❀


You guys, this morning my fiance said the sweetest thing ❀😍

I'm a SAHM and I always get up with my man at 5am to make him breakfast and pack his lunch. This morning I was particularly tired (didnt sleep well due to persistant heartburn πŸ™„). Being 28 weeks pregnant, I was feeling pretty haggard as I struggled to keep my eyes open to make his sandwich.

Well, he walked in and leaned against the counter next to me. After a few moments of him staring at me I look up and say "yesss?"

He just smiles and says "how is it possible that you can be so pretty first thing in the morning. You're so beautiful"

Y'all, I perked right up.

"You dont have to be sarcastic, I know I'm a mess" I say.

He replies with "No, I mean it. You're so beautiful!" And he pulls me into a kiss. The kind of sweet, intimate kiss that you can just tell that sparks are flying for both of you.


He doesn't always do/say sweet things, but when he does it just ❀❀ ahhhhhh ❀❀❀