New Years Eve Labor


Sorry if it seems a little unorganized I just wanted to get everything down and share.

A quick labor story before I forget it. December 27th 2018, I had my membrane stripped. I was told if I was going to go into labor from that it would be with 24-48 hours and being active would help get that moving. Well the days following I was eating all kinds of pineapple and spicy foods, bouncing on my ball for 15 minutes at a time, and trying to stay as active as possible.

New Year’s <a href="">Eve</a> we didn’t have much of anything planned other than going to this restaurant that I knew had the spiciest buffalo chicken tenders. While I was eating them I didn’t feel right and he was moving a lot more than normal when I ate something spicy. I didn’t think anything of it at the time. I swear he kicked and turned around in that moment.

Fast forward we got home we’re watching tv and at about 9 I was ready for bed. I went up and got ready and tried to sleep but just couldn’t. I stayed up on my phone for a bit and finally fell asleep for about an hour before getting woken up. From that point I couldn’t fall back asleep. After midnight I got out of bed and went to lay on the couch to watch tv...I never ended up falling asleep.

Around maybe 2-2:30am my stomach really started to hurt I thought I just needed to use the bathroom. It eventually hit me and I was timing them. I didn’t wanted to make the drive to the hospital to be sent home so I tried to stick it out for as long as possible. I sat until about 4am I called to wake B up and have him come sit on the couch with me. We kept timing my stomach pains and they were definitely contractions. We got ready and didn’t get to the hospital until maybe 6am. The drive there the contractions got a lot worse than they were at home. I had to walk very slow into the ER and stop at some points because I couldn’t move. They put me in a wheel chair and took me to the birth center triage room. I wasn’t in there very long before they wheeled me to the delivery room.

Time flew by but it still felt like forever especially before I got the epidural. I was in tears once I got into my delivery room until I got the epidural, then I felt nothing. I didn’t even feel getting the epidural because my contractions were so bad and they also slightly numb you beforehand. Because I had barely gotten any sleep I think I was extra emotional. I got some sleep before delivering, we had to wait for my cervix because the doctor didn’t want to tear it. Later she came in and broke my water when it was time to push I couldn’t feel anything so I didn’t even know if I was doing anything. An hour of pushing and at 12:12pm 1/1/19 Kayden was born 6lbs 15 Oz and 18.5in