I’m pregnant!!!


My period was due Tuesday and usually I’m testing like 3-4 days before because I’m so impatient but this time I actually waited until Wednesday, the day after my missed period & got a positive! I took another test today too because I still can’t believe it! ❤️

Back story: I have a 9 year old daughter from a previous marriage, I got remarried in 2015 and we miscarried twice and finally had our rainbow baby in 2017! That’s an 8 year gap between our kids! I didn’t want another huge age gap to happen again so I’ve been stressing about getting pregnant again, and possibly miscarrying again. Because of my son’s love for breastfeeding (21 months & STILL nursing despite trying to wean him 😂) I only just got my period 6 months ago!!

So we patiently waited for my period although I took tests here and there thinking maybe I was pregnant but nope! Once I got my period I started taking ovulation tests and charting my cervical mucus and position for 6 months thinking I’m infertile or something..

Anyway I feel so silly now! 6 months really isn’t that long in the grand scheme of things. I feel VERY blessed and pray I don’t miscarry this precious baby!! I can’t wait for my first dr appt!!