Pregnant w/ my 3rd baby!! Def. A surprise, supposed to start nursing school this May!


Hey ya'all my name is Heather. We just found out that we are expecting another baby due Oct. 1! This will be my 3rd pregnancy but our 4th child as a whole family. We have a 6, 4, and 2 year old,(he has a child from a previous relationship unfortunately we only get him on the weekends). So when this baby (hoping for a girl, we have 3 boys! Ultimately though we just want a healthy baby!!) is born we will have a 7, 5, 3 year olds and a newborn.

We are really excited but the timing is a bit tough because I'm supposed to start nursing school in May. Huge decision to continue to enroll this summer or wait til next summer when the baby is 7 months old.

My moms sisters are twins so we are also curious is we could be having twins or I just have high hcg levels right now because I got my bfp 9dpo (3 weeks 3 days pregnant, tested with a cheapie first signal test and also a FRER **pics below, FRER at 9dpo and 15 dpo) with my other two I found out at 7 weeks and 7 weeks+ pregnant. Feb. 18th, we can't wait!

If you want to hear the story of why I tested let me know, it's kind of cute! I just don't want to ramble to much!

I haven't told my family yet so if anyone has some ideas for cute things to do I would love to hear it!

I'm a little nervous about telling my oldest sister because they have been trying for a baby for a couple years now with so luck so I don't want to hurt her with my news especially since we weren't trying and weren't planning to have a baby for 2 years until I was out of nursing school.

Baby dust to everyone!! ❤❤❤❤