Difficult pregnancy


I don’t remember my 1st pregnancy being THIS difficult! I had to get up at 1:30, 2:30, 4:30, 5, 7:30, and 9 this morning to go to the bathroom with pure liquid diarrhea (it’s been almost a month that I’ve had it on/off) at 4:30 I also puked, thankfully it wasn’t much. My ribs are killing me, and my hemorrhoids (got them even before the first pregnancy) are horrible and sore. I hardly ever get more then 2-4 hours of sleep in a row and barely get more then 6 total hours in a night. No matter what I eat, even the brat diet, I still have the same problem! I’m going to go insane during this final month!!!!! Shockingly I haven’t lost any weight. I’m up about 12 lbs (22lbs if you count the 10lbs I lost and gained back) with my first I gained a total of 45lbs (15 was a lost the gained first)