Did my boyfriend go to the strip club??

Soooo last night my boyfriend was venting about everyone at work and saying how his brothers been talking shit (they work together) about everything he does, including that they all call him “pussy whipped” at work because he always turns down going to the bar after work and shit. He also threw in that they’ve all tried getting him to go to the strip club. But what I’m concerned about is a couple weeks ago, his brother was talking about how they were planning on going and I asked my boyfriend if they’ve ever tried getting him to go and he straight up said no. And then last night says that when he’s ranting?

And so I’m like wait hold up why when I asked you two weeks ago if they’ve tried to get you to go you told me no? (I HATE little lies so I was visibly irritated) and he was like “I never told you that. I don’t remember you asking me. That never happened.”

I was like bro just tell me why you’d lie about something that small and he was like “I never told you that they’ve never taken me!”

and I was like ......WHAT??? So you WENT?? And he was like I didn’t mean to say that, I meant to say “I never told you that they’ve never tried to take me”

But now I’m fucking tripping if he spilled the beans on himself cause after that I was like you have to tell me the truth if you went cause to me thats honestly cheating and I kept asking him when he went and shit and he kept saying he never went then called me crazy and said we were done cause I was questioning him. 5 mins later he apologized but the fact that he freaked out so bad makes me wonder if he’s really guilty....

Brain fart or did he slip up?

I’m pregnant and super overly emotional. It scares me the thought of him lying to me or doing something behind my back it triggers me really really bad as I have horrible anxiety. He understands that and I probably did overreact.