What should I do

I was dating this guy, well call him josh. Josh was my Bestfriend for a year, I cared about him a lot I decided why not try something with him. We ended up together only lasted a month. & I’ll tell you why.

Josh had this Bestfriend we’ll call her Bianca since that’s her name. Bianca was also my close friend I met her through him actually. While we were still friends I found out they use to sleep with each other had a “friends with benefits” thing going on. They ended it & stayed friends. We got together & I really had no problem with her even tho she was living with him sleep in the same bed with him 24/7 even tho she worked.

So as you can imagine as time went on & he was slowly pulling away from me calling me “too clingy” I started to notice all his time was going to her. So I ended it. I soon regretted it because I felt like I had let the overthinking get to me & what everyone was saying about the situation. So I tried to get him back but he said no. Said that we needed to take it slow & start all over because we rushed to fast into it I was totally fine with that. So after that day we kinda just argued a lot. I mean the communication was off between so much misunderstanding it wasn’t working. But we have the same friend group so I knew I’d see him around so I tried leaving on good terms. Ended up telling me he just need space & time to himself & he’d talk to me. I’m dumb I knew what he was trying to get at so I stopped.

Recently we had an encounter with each other & y’all I almost died when I saw him. I was so sure he wasn’t gonna show up but I looked up & swear I couldn’t breathe I was like “oh my god”. We didn’t talk at all. He gave me a hug & that was that. I came home that night & cried because I was drunk & I was thinking about him & he just kept giving me the cold shoulder. We argued again that night because supposedly I was flirting with someone else & he didn’t understand why I was flirting with someone if I wanted him back.

This was our last conversation from yesterday. He told me that night I needed to get my shit together. He said he needed a women not a girl. I haven’t talked to him since & he never replied. I blocked him off most social media & deleted his number. I just can’t seem to let him go as much as I’m trying I just can’t stop thinking about him & wishing he’d talk to me or just work it out with me. I hate that I sound so desperate so I’m asking what should I do. Do I just stop talking to him completely & let it go or do I wait til he talks to me & hear him out & see if he wants to fix things.