2nd Baby - Due Feb 6th


Hi Mommas!

This is my 2nd pregnancy & while I haven’t had any complications- I am so done! I’m due the 6th but my doctor said she will induce me Friday (the 1st). While I want to go to 100% natural since I was induced 8 days late with my first & it was a nightmare, I’m so over being big & pregnant & immobile that I’ve decided to take the induction.

Of course, I still realize there’s time to go on my own & I’ve done EVERYTHING to help speed things along & I’ve gotten a little progress (2cm dilated, 70% effaced, & he’s dropped- doc said she could feel his head).

I’m just wanting to hear your birth/natural labor stories to give me some hope. & good Baby JuJu that he’ll come within the next 4 days so I don’t have to be induced again 😂