TMI kinda long need answers 😢

I was on the depo shot for about 2 years and decided to finally stop taking it March 2018 due to the way my body was functioning off it. It is now January 2019 and I thought I was finally starting my period because I had began bleeding. Come to find out I don’t think it’s my period I’ve just been spotting but it’s been a very dark reddish brown color. It’s been going on nonstop for about 2 weeks now and I feel like it’s just getting more and more uncomfortable. I’ve been feeling like I’m always hungry, I always have to pee but when I pee it’s super strong and sweet smelling and I’ve been drinking almost nothing but water! I will use the bathroom and have a urge to go again shortly after but will barely pee at all. When I pee it’s like clots of something in my pee and they are not blood clots they are like solid but dark colored. I don’t have a doctor and I don’t really know what to do or what is going on. Any answers? Suggestions??