New here! And have a question!


Hi all! A little back story... My hubby and I have a beautiful 9 year old daughter and on August of 2017 we decided to try for baby #2! In June 2018 I got my first bfp! I had a scan done and I had a blighted ovum (empty sack) I then had a naturally miscarriage on July 14th. I had a regular cycle on August 14th then got another bfp in September! I had some light spotting and was concerned due to the miscarriage before and went to the doctor and had a scan done. Turns out I had a tubal pregnancy. I was rushed to emergency surgery and unfortunately the doctor was not able to save my right fallopian tube on September 29th. My hubby and I are still ttc but are finding it very difficult! Of you've stuck around this long thank you! Here is my question... Have any of you lost a fallopian tube and gotten pregnant naturally? If so would love to hear your story! Thank you all!!!