Sex issues

Hi ladies, my boyfriend and I could use some help. We’ve been together over three years, but have only been having sex for about a year now. We don’t have sex often because we attend different colleges and don’t get much alone time together.

Well, here’s the issue: we went on a mini vacation and tried to have sex several times but couldn’t because he couldn’t stay hard. AS SOON AS that condom went on he went soft. We don’t know what’s going on. We both know that when he puts the condom on he is as hard as he can be. We talked about it and he said he wasn’t nervous or stressed over anything. He said he wasn’t tired. He said he was really turned on.

We just don’t know. We’re 20 so I mean I know testosterone levels drop as you get older but we wouldn’t think that if it were this he’d lose his erections as soon as putting the condom on.

We’ve always used condoms and are each other’s firsts and onlys with sex. Any ideas?

This happened once before at the beginning of the month over winter break, but he said he was stressed because of his upcoming spring semester. Eventually we ended up having sex after talking about it for a while.

But this most recent time he wasn’t stressed and still stopped and talked about all kinds of stuff (i was trying not to act upset or anything because it’s not his fault and didn’t want to embarrass him).

We could really use some ideas! We also use Trojan ultra thin condoms with spermicide if that makes any difference?

***Also, there’s no porn in our relationship and he doesn’t masturbate much unless we’re sexting which we haven’t done in while***