6 weeks and 6 days and no fetal pole


👋, i am 6 weeks and 6 days according to Glow. My nurse things i might be off by a week. I had transvaginal ultrasound on 01/17 and they saw no yolk sac. Today after 10 days they saw yolk sac. She scheduled next one after 10 days to see viability of pregnancy. Am scared af. Is this normal? Would fetal pole and heart beat develop in the 10 days.

I had miscarriage last time at 10 weeks. the doc did one ultrasound when i am 8 weeks and said i am measuring less about 6 weeks, next week she told me no heart beat and baby is no more. And did D&C. All these are giving me mixed feelings. If i have waited last time would my baby have developed heart rate or if this one too is lost like previous.

Please share any experiences.