At my wits end. My period has been crazy since starting Clomid (I’ve done 2 rounds and just started a third). I’m suppose to take it cycle says 5-9 and have sex every other day cycle days 10-22. I started spotting 7 days before my predicted period last month which was odd. It was almost nothing for 2 or three days and then heavier brown spotting until I started my full blown period on Jan 1st. Glow predicted my period to start Jan 30th but I had one super small episode of spotting on the 24th, then the 26, then a little more noticeable today. I called my OBGYN and the nurse says that the first sign of bleeding, even spotting is cycle day 1; however, everything I see online says spotting doesn’t count and that cycle day 1 isn’t until red bleeding. Anyone have any experience with this? I’m just worried I’m not taking it at the right time and I hate it. It makes me feel awful and act crazy. I also think her phone nurse is new and doesn’t know what she’s talking about. She said my doc was afraid maybe we were missing my fertile window and I might be ovulating early but I told her I use test strips so I know when I ovulate and her response was “well who knows how accurate those are.” I thought that was odd.