Due to our CRAZY schedules (opposite) it seems like we never get to BD anymore. Then when we did we were told nothing without protection so we didn’t push it. Then the one night we did he didn’t finish.

I need opinions because now it’s been EASILY 18 days since he’s cum & our <a href="">IUI</a> is tomorrow morning. It a snuck up so fast!

The <a href="">IUI</a> is roughly 14 hrs away from right now/tonight. Ladies, should we BD to get rid of his bad/dead sperm??

Or wait and pray he has viable ones in the AM?!

He has low count but he’s been on meds (he’s around 55 million on 4 days abstinence), he has low motility (hence <a href="">IUI</a>), and bad morphology.

Opinions??! 😥

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