Please.. advice anyone?


Alright so a short story of what’s happening.

I found out I was pregnant January 12th.. got my positive digital 2 days later. Within 1 day of my “expected period”..

On my daughters 1st birthday, January 19th, I started spotting in the evening. It progressively got worse.. it got heavier and heavier like a period. At first I wasn’t having any clots.. just blood.

I had no cramping.. no pain.. next morning it was heavier still.. and I went to the ER because I wanted to make sure everything was okay and I couldn’t make it to the doctors office Monday. So I went and I’m about 4 weeks and day 7 on pregnancy. As from my last cycle.

I read that scans vaginally still make it hard to find because it is still very early.

Right before the ultrasound I passed a large clot. Followed was very tiny clots. The US tech said she couldn’t find anything.

I went to the room waiting for results and they told me that my urine and blood levels were negative and I was never pregnant. Which obviously I was. I got 3 positive early response, 1 positive clearblue, and 3 positive digital clearblue tests at home. And I was a week late from my cycle.. sitting in the room.

I researched how mothers bled heavy and no pain and were still pregnant when they went back weeks later.. and that the bleeding either meant she was having twins or one of the twins miscarried and the other survived.

I also read that when you bleed it also sheds the lining of hcg in the uterus causing the tests to be negative till they rebuild again.

I also read that sometimes urine or blood tests never picked up the hormones and they were still pregnant.

I’m asking for stories because I accepted the fact I have miscarried. But the last couple days I’ve noticed that I am still severely constipated.. I’ve had nausea every evening (the same way I did with my first born) and I have thrown or spit up once from the nausea. I’m extremely tired and it’s what has had me research more about it.. and especially since I had no pain or cramping.