Am I right?

Sindy • Grad Student and mom 🎀 Maya Lila 7/3/18

My daughter is getting baptized in July when she turns one so it’s sort of a baptism and birthday celebration. We are holding a reception at a hall and we are picking the colors I selected light purple and white but my MIL insists on pink. My SIL and husband both agreed that purple looked better (this was Saturday) Today when I spoke to her on the phone she said purple is not appropriate for a baptism that it has to be pink and white. I would usually just go with it and just agree I don’t like conflict but not this time. We did pink and white for my baby shower because that’s what she wanted and I just agreed with everything to make things easier. I do think I need to take a stance and not give in I prefer light purple it’s a beautiful color it’s girly and it has meaning because my daughters middle name is Lila.