Advice, what would you do?


So I'm kind of in a predicament. My wife and I already have 4 children. The 2 older ones(a boy and girl)are hers from a previous relationship and 2( the younger boys) are her nephews that we adopted about 2 years ago. I'm about to be 30 and I want a biological child of my own before I get any older. We went to a fertility specialist and got all of the tests done and got the all clear so start

<a href="">IUI</a> or <a href="">IVF</a>. Of course, because we are both females, my insurance won't cover it so everything is out of pocket. The fertility specialist said that there was an opportunity for us to get it done for free. He explained that there was a couple that is unable to carry and they need a surrogate. He said that my wife would make a perfect surrogate because she has done it twice. He said that if my wife was willing to be a surrogate for the other couple, then our <a href="">IVF</a> and genetic testing would be free. They pay surrogates 20k and the 20k would cover <a href="">IVF</a> and embryo freezing and genetic testing. So instead of getting paid to be a surrogate, the funds would be credited towards the <a href="">IVF</a>. I know most people would be jump to this and yell "DO IT!". However, I have some qualms. I'm a person full of "what ifs". What if something happens to her and I cant fully be there because I'm also pregnant. Also, this is my first time carrying or being around a pregnant person, how is this going to work hormone wise?Are we going to want to kill eachother? She said that she's also worried she would get attached since shes been carrying the baby for 9 months, so she wants to have the babies at the same time so it's like an even swap. What if she gets depressed because of the baby she carried? If we do decide to do this, should I have the baby first so she can hold our baby right after? I'd want to be there with her for her labor so I'm thinking that's the way we should do it? Would you do it? Both be pregnant at the same time? What would your concerns be?