painful sex

is anyone else experiencing PAINFUL sex? last night I felt bad because I could tell my husband wanted to be intimate so I just let him do it really quick lol but i said to use lube. he put lube on himself and on me and we did the doggy style position. it was hurting so bad, I was literally fighting back tears but I didnt want to tell him to stop because I feel like crap about myself when I do that. He is always so sweet and understanding but I want to pleasure him too so I just stuck it out. good thing it lasted probably only 1 minute since this is the second time we had sex since the beginning of the year 😂 it doesnt hurt after or anything, it's just that I get absolutely no pleasure and its painful. Maybe it's my fault because I really am not even in the mood for foreplay or anything, i just wanted him to hurry up if that makes sense 🤦‍♀️ ugh how embarrassing lol