How would you react to this situation?1

Thursday I slept over my fiance brothers house (long story short we evicted from our apartment he lives at his brothers i live with my mom and kids) He woke up to a message from his brothers S/O saying that his brother wasn't happy I've been there because he thinks I'm lazy, rude, and I make my fiance take care of the kids while I'm there. Therefore I'm nor aloud there anymore until i change my ways. Let me inform you on this. My fiance brother is a hermit. He NEVER leaves his bedroom. He goes to work and when he comes back he stays in the bedroom the rest of the night playing video games. I have the kids 24/7 now and4 yr old from a previous relationship and my fiance and my daughter thats 1. I do everything for them when it's just me. I clean all the the because toys, i made them dinner, i bathe them ect. When i slee over his brothers so i can see my fiance and he can see the kids (which is only twice a week) He does the work I've been doing so i can relax. Which he doesnt mind at all. I even ask at times if he needs help and everytime he says he's got it. Now me being rude he hate that i never say hi. Which by the way is a lie. When he decides to leave his bedroom and he says hi I say it back. I'm a very socially awkward person. I have terrible anxiety issues. His brother is basicallybasically just like me. So i don't understand, he knows howi am . what am i suppose to do kbock on the bedroom door and say hi? I just feel awkward doing that. Im was very pissed off but now I'm just hurt because his brother use to like me and all of a sudden eith stuff He assumes from his bedroomhe doesn't. I'm a hard working stay at home mom. God forbid i let my fiance take his turn with them for a day.

Forgot to add. He wont cone to me. He strongly dislikes my parents