Delaying visitors?

Allison • Married to the love of my life 💍 expecting a sweet girl March 2019🎀

Hi y’all.

I’m a FTM w a scheduled c section for Feb 22nd. (!!!) they’re taking her at 37 weeks for medical reasons.

On top of the nerves that come w being a first time mom. I’m super nervous about the c section and not getting much alone time w our daughter once she is born. So I was wondering if anyone had delayed having visitors? Our family is super close but I wouldn’t mind spending an hour or two alone w just my husband and our daughter before we are bombarded with people who are wanting to hold our baby. I don’t mind them coming at all but I also want to have just that tiny window to ourselves. Is this a normal thing to do? How would I tell people i am delaying visitors? Help a momma to be out 😂

Side note: my husband is a PRO and handling people and will do whatever I ask. I would be the one overwhelmed by having a ton of people around me once she’s born while he would be so chill and handle everything with grace. Lol