1st IUI was today *8dpiui update*


So I had my first

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today. I got a light positive opk last night and a for sure positive this morning.

So my husband went in at 1pm to put in his contrabutions 😉. He felt super awkward about it and I don't blaim him. But I patently waiting in the hall for him. Then we went out to lunch at one of our favorite Japanese restaurants. Then back at 3pm for my part. It was a very quick process. The waiting took the longest.

Of course of strip from the bottom down( and freeze your bottom off). I felt super uncomfortable at this point because I was being watched 🤣 the picture on the wall just looked so judgemental to me.

But after the doctor came in, everything moved fast. She pulls out the bottom of the table, has me prop my legs up, after that it takes longer to set the speculum than it did the actual insemination. Then... you literally just lay there for 20 minute. Of course, my hubs was with me the whole time.

Slight cramping, big ol hot flash as it was happening, and some spotting about 2 hours later.

Cheers to the ttw. Wish us luck!


Today is 8dpiui. I had a progesterone blood draw yesterday. And it was 27.1 that is the highest I've had in 2 years. Almost double last month.. 🤞in a week we will find out if it worked.