Taking baby to YMCA daycare


I have a beautiful, bubbly 7 month old that is in the heat of separation anxiety. I’m a stay at home mom and just took her to her first mommy and me class this afternoon. She was very nervous for the first ten minutes and cried off and on but slowly warmed up and started to enjoy herself after that. My question is, I want her to get acclimated to being around other people and babies so I was considering bringing her to the gym daycare with me on Friday. I workout for about an hour a day but I have been going at 4am (exhausting) and letting her dad watch her. I know she will cry if I drop her off. I’m very nervous. What do you think? Have any of you had extremely clingy babies that you ended up taking to daycare? How’d it go? Or should I just wait? I feel like if she doesn’t get to know other people soon, it’ll be extremely difficult when she’s older.