Trisomy 18 update

Update: praise the lord our little one is fine and doesn’t have trisomy 18. We hadn’t expected the results until sometime next week or the week after and even the doctors office was surprised that the results came in so quickly. We also found out that our little one is a girl. So we will be welcoming our rainbow baby Savannah Nicole Rose in June.

Ok so we had our anatomy ultrasound today and they saw 1 soft marker for trisomy 18. Wasn't stressed about it until the nurse practitioner mentioned it multiple times and mentioned my age multiple times. Hadnt planned on testing but ended up testing. Will have results in about 10 days. After doing some research Im not as concerned as i was. At 19.5 weeks little one should weight about 8.5 ounces but ia weighing 13 ounces. Low birth weight is supposed to be a sign of trisomy 18. They saw a small pocket of fluid near the brain which is the soft marker