Vent session.

Hi guys i just feel the need to vent. Ok, so since November i been dealing with recurrent bv over and over. And in December i was on antibiotics for it as well and got a yeast infection from the antibiotics. So my dr proscribed me with the pink pill for 12 days. Ok, the yeast infection didn’t really go away so i brought Monistat 7 days ago.. it’s literally a day later and i feel a little weird it’s a little early to tell if I’m completely recovered but I’m just stressed. This is a lot to deal with on top of being in school for nursing. I’m just ready to feel completely normal again, i haven’t been sleeping as much either. I’m just exhausted. But I’ll wait to see if I’m over reacting. I mean i probably am since my period is about to start in 3 days. Also when is your discharge going to regulate after taking Monistat?