I’m with you

Every day, I visit this group and look through all the photos. I’m looking and searching for that good news. I see you posting month after month with disappointment every time the reality of a bfn sets in. I see you post that faint line only for it to disappear with a visit from AF and your heart break when the reality of what has happened sinks in.

What no one tells you is that TTC can be hell. We all are told that if we want something, hard work and perseverance will reward us. The reality is, some of us may never see that reward in this journey. It’s by no fault of our own and a hard pill to swallow. But, don’t feel like those bfn’s are chipping away at your womanhood. You are not defined by (the lack of) a pink line. I probably needed to hear that myself.

I keep scrolling through photo after photo. I’m looking for that good news. I want to say “congratulations” as desperately as I want to hear it. I am with you in this battleground of a journey. Don’t feel alone. There are plenty of us in the trenches with you.