36 days of waiting...still waiting

Malinda • Married to my best friend ❤️ 👼🏽 🐶🐶🐱🐱🤰🏼🌈

Well temp is definitely going down pretty good. I took a HCG test yesterday and it was SOOOOOOO light, so maybe I’m getting close. My last quant was 272, but that was taken almost 2 weeks ago now. I have another blood test on Friday and maybe that will be my last. I’m hoping that I either start my period today or it waits another week. I’ll be out of town 2 weekends from now and don’t want to miss my window. Since I’ll be taking femara I’m guessing I’ll O really close to CD 14 next cycle. We shall see. It’s not in my control though, so as usual just over here waiting.