Hey guys so yesterday I lost my virginity and I was super excited! I love my boyfriend and we’ve been dating a couple of months and it felt right. A few weeks ago my mother offered to get me birth control so last night I asked her if we could go get it soon, however all she did was shame me for wanting to have sex so soon and young! (I’m 17 and a senior in high school) She told me she was disappointed and hoped I would’ve waited until I was out of high school.(she doesn’t know I lost my virginity she thinks I’m just planning on doing it) she also told me I should have more respect for myself than to give in so soon:/. I’m just pretty upset because it totally killed my excitement and now I feel like I shouldn’t have done it?

But now she’s leaving it up to me to decide if I wanna go through with the bc this soon and “give in”, or if I want to hold out like she wants me to. Basically if I tell her I want it she’ll be disappointed but if i don’t well then I won’t have birth control. What should I do??