Constant lower back pain?

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Anyone else have constant lower back pain/ soreness even after resting? For the last while I get a sore back at the end of the work day (I’m on my feet all day). But I would sit and rest a few hours every night and always feel good again the next morning.

As of two days ago (I’m 33 weeks tomorrow), I had a sore back after a long day of work and nothing is helping it go back to normal 😩

Every time I move it hurts, even turning in bed.

I sat on a heating pad all night, still just as sore this morning.

I mentioned this to my mom and she said the worst back pain she had during pregnancy was right at the end and it was because she was in labour and she was having back labour. She didn’t even know her labour had started for over 12 hours and her water broke. Just thought she had a sore back.

Now I’m freaking out that this is earth labour or something 😕

Anyone else have constant lower back pain and soreness?