Bilingual Families-What Do You Do?


Hi all!

My husband is bilingual (Spanish and English). I only speak English (I understand some Spanish but can speak very very little.) we want our son to be bilingual, but the fact is that more than likely (at least in the early years) our baby will probably spend 80% of the time with me. I will speak a few phrases in Spanish to him after saying it in English (things like good morning or hello or how are you...or when I point to his eyes or nose or mouth and name them...).

I can try to watch shows in Spanish or read to him in Spanish but I’m not sure what else we can do. I keep telling my husband to speak to him in Spanish but I think he thinks it doesn’t matter as much right now since he’s so young. Or maybe he’s embarrassed to do it in front of me. (I think he speaks to him in Spanish when I’m not in the room....)

Anyways the question is-if you are in a similar situation does your child speak both languages? And how did you work to do that?