Implantation Bleeding or PMS? 🤞🏻😩


I have pcos & have been trying to conceive for a while now. My cycles have always been very wonky. Sometimes they’ll be regular & sometimes irregular which means my ovulation has also been off. The period before my previous one lasted over a month. It would be very heavy & sometimes would act like it was going away then come back. After that stopped I got my period again about 2 & a half weeks later (Jan 10th-17th) & I actually had a normal, 7 day long period. I’m also sure my fertile window was somewhere between Jan 25th - Jan 30th. I BD’d 25th & I had white colored stretchy CM that day & had clear stretchy mediumish CM the 29th. My boobs are pretty tender & kind of sensitive to touch today. My lower back has just been kind of acheing. I also have been cramping but not as bad as I usually do before my period. different actually? I constantly need to drink something. I just feel off. I also am having a little bit of brownish discharge when I wipe but it’s not a lot. I also just ate a big salad about an hour ago & Im already hungry again. My BBT this morning was 97.9 & i took it a little bit ago (I usually check it throughout the day as well) & it was 98.0. I was also going to have fun the other night, get a little tipsy after a long day at work & i took 2 shots of vodka when normally i can drink a lot more than that. i ended up getting very sick & puking a lot & still had a bad stomachache & felt instantly hungover but also still pretty drunk. after all this, i tested this morning with one of those strip tests & i couldn’t see anything. :( i’ll insert picture)

Could this be pregnancy symptoms or is this before AF?