Leah • 21. Sc.

My very first pregnancy has ended😔 I should be about 10w 4d and today during my ultrasound I was only measuring about 6w 5d and my doctor couldn’t find a heart beat. I am absolutely heartbroken it just doesn’t seem fair, you never think that this will ever happen to you even though you hear how common it is. I’ve even been telling my boyfriend for the past few weeks that I think something is going to go wrong even though I’ve had no cramping or bleeding or other signs of mc, I just knew deep down. I know there’s nothing I could’ve done but it just makes you feel like such a failure when you tried to do everything right from the beginning and there are drug addicts out here having healthy, full term pregnancies. I just feel like complete shit right now so any positivity, reassurance or personal experiences you could send my way would be extremely appreciated😢