Can’t stop thinking about my crush☺️


The guy I like has been on my mind a lot today. It’s kinda crazy tbh. He’s actually a great person despite what other ppl might say. And I don’t blame them bc before I thought he was very annoying, but now that I rlly know him it’s better. Sure he’s still annoying and does stupid things but since I like him it’s those things that make him who he is. Also since we’re friends if he does annoying things idrc that much lol. But he’s like rlly nice and although I say he’s stupid he’s smart when he chooses to be. He’s kinda cute sometimes lol. He has a great sense of humor and he’s funny. We also have half of our classes together which I love, and it’s how we became friends actually lol. He’s fun to be around and talk to. He can be helpful sometimes too. Also like sometimes I feel Iike he might like me just by the way he acts around me and stuff but i never get to excited. Even if he did like me back I wouldn’t wanna date bc we have good bond going yk, and I don’t wanna ruin that. Also we tease each other sometimes and it’s actually fun. And I love to roast him😂. (No worries he doesn’t care at all so he’s never offended). One thing that would rlly make my day is if we had like this long hug yk and we just stayed there. Bc id love that soo much. Also he always smells rlly good lol. Ok that’s it, if you made it all the way here um good job and thanks for actually reading lol. Also y’all should comment happy stories abt yalls crushes bc I love to read those on here. Ok byee