BFP with the help of pineapples!!!


Hey ladies,

I’m almost 35 years old. My first two kids took one cycle to conceived. This was our 4th for your 3rd baby. I was getting worried that something was wrong as it was so easy with our other 2. I had a miscarriage before my second and that miscarriage was conceived on first try also! I decided to make some change for this month to help me put.

Changes I made:

-I decreased red meat and ate eggs more.

- I decreased sugar as I have such a sweet tooth

- I work out a lot anyways so I didn’t change anything there

- during 5 fertile days, I ate pineapple core everyday. It suppose to help with fertility.

- I increased green veggie intake like asparagus.

I never do any of the above as I just love eating everything!!! So these were big changes for me.

Below is our BD schedule

1. We had sex every other day starting CD9 and stopped two days after ovulation. Our every other day randomly ended up also on the day I got a positive on clear blue ovulation.

2. So we actually had sex only 3 times. I strongly felt ovulation cramps. We did not have sex on O day as our every other day didn’t land on O day.

3. I used a vibrator after each session ad legs up for 20 mins.

4. I went to bed after usually and didn’t shower anything off. (TMI)


1. No pregnancy symptoms at all. This luteal stage felt no different than other months

2. Cervical mucous was creamy but not a lot just normal amount.

3. I tested 14 DPO because my CD 21 progesterone was triple than normal. Otherwise I wouldn’t have tested.

Feel free to ask me anything.