Rsv 8 week old


At only 8 weeks old, My baby girl got RSV. You’re probably thinking “maybe she shouldn’t have taken her out.” BUT I have not taken her out in public ANYWHERE. No stores, only to family’s houses a couple times and her checkups. No one was sick when we went to visit and no one was sick when they came to visit. I went to my 6 week checkup and had to go to the store after. Couple days later I end up sick. I thought it was allergies. I guess whatever I had passed to her. I took her to ER (doctors office was closed) first day I noticed symptoms. They did a rsv test and it came back negative. They said it was just a cold or allergies. She started getting worse so I called her pediatrician asking to be seen. They tested for rsv and it was positive. I have been giving her breathing treatments since. Rsv is very dangerous in babies, especially with her not even being two months old. My fiancé’s side hasn’t even bothered to ask how she is. I’m just so upset because I did everything in my power to prevent her from getting sick. I get out one time, ONE TIME and she gets rsv. I’ll be staying in till cold and flu season is over.