updated about my 2018 baby and how I conceive and trying for baby #2

Keshauna • keshauna

Hey I have not been on her since August 2016 , in 2015 I was trying to conceive my first child it took me 2 years to conceive well here is my update since 2016 in 2017 I got pregnant in November on December 8 2017 I find out I was 4 weeks pregnant me and my child father already had broken up at the end of November so I called in when I find out I was pregnant he was happy and excited so we got back together then broke up again cause he cheated on me okay when we was together the reason we couldn’t conceive a baby was because his sperm was low so I order maca root from Walmart it’s in a lime green top and the bottle is white he took it November 1 2017 my Consumption date was November 27 and I find out I was 4 weeks pregnant on December 8 and January 16 my child father cheated on me he brought a girl over while I was there pregnant with his child then he went to his hometown he meet the girl at to go stay at his grandmother house cause I put him out and he went to jail the same night for broken in to somebody else house and at 17 weeks I find out that I was having a baby girl I prayed every day and night that my baby will last full term and she would be okay at 38 weeks I had to have a emergency C-section at 1:05 pm August 8 2018 my baby girl Ava enter the world at 6lb 4 ounces they did not tell me the inches and now I meet the man of my dreams the person I been knowing since elementary school to middle school he been there for my daughter since she was 2 weeks old he had me we her a lot he love her like his own now we are trying for baby #2 we hoping for a boy please don’t judge me And my boyfriend have a good job he help around the house and he cook and clean even does he work all day and he help me with my daughter I am so thankful for him dis is my baby girl Ava