18 and pregnant

I just turned 18 less than two months ago and found out I’m pregnant about 2 weeks ago, I’ll be 6 weeks tomorrow. I’ve only been with my boyfriend (21) for 4 months and I’m quite terrified. Both of us still live at home and he pays medical bills every month with a low paying job while I’m jobless at the moment. My dad just accidentally totaled my car and didn’t have collision insurance, so a total loss, I have no car or money, not to mention I don’t even have health insurance. I’ve struggled with an eating disorder for the past 7 years and am already hating my body due to the bloating and constipation and have a really hard time having sex. My boyfriend said he supports me in whatever I want to do and I kept flip flopping which I realized was upsetting him. We decided to keep the baby, which he is excited about and apparently that’s what he wants,

but I’m really not sure. I’m so young. I’m not ready. I don’t even know who I am and I hear you loose yourself when you become a mom. I also don’t want to kill our relationship, which can happen either way. I don’t want to regret terminating but I also don’t want to end up resenting a child. Thoughts?