Measles 😡


Sooooooooo I just had to get this off my chest. Why are we experiencing a disease in the 21st century that HAS A CURE!!!! I'm usually not one to knit pick or causes much uproar. But this seriously has me upset. Like how can mother's or cartakers be so irresponsible as to endanger not only their own children but potentially expose others especially newborns or anyone with a poor immune system to something so horrible because they CHOOSE to. I'm sorry but it has me worried, both of my children are up to date on their shots. But it still scares me. I just want to know why were experiencing something that has been cured. I know other things can kill you and other illnesses could always take their toll on anyone. I just don't understand why or how anyone could choose to let their child catch a potentially deadly disease, on purpose. And I haven't actually done reasearch on autism or anything and it's "link" to vaccines, but umm wouldn't that mean that the almost entire generation before us would have a lot more autistic people?? I'm not sorry that I choose to vaccinate my children to help prevent them from being sick. In my opinion there is a LOT more pros than cons to vaccinate.