To remove or not to remove


I was diagnosed with pcos at 24. It’s been 12 years of abnormal cycles, dark hair on the chin and up and down weight without being able to keep it off. Ugghh! The past almost year I have had normal cycles. Yayy!! No, not really. In June I saw a new OB for some pressure I was feeling in my lower abdomen. Ultrasound ordered. Results in are there is a 10 cm mass (cyst) on what at first they believed was my Right ovary. Surgery is what I was told would cure this. When I met with the surgeon she recommended I go on the pill and see if my body reacts and cures or shrinks this cyst. 3 months into birth control the cyst ruptured, oh so 😣 painful. Surgeon has at this point taken over my case. Surgeon and I decided I should get off the pill at this point and ttc. Let’s fast forward to yesterday a follow up ultrasound shows the mass has returned to its normal 10cm size. I am now faced with being on Birth control the rest of my life or take a chance with Surgery. There is no guarantee that my ovary or ovaries will be salvaged in this procedure. Now they say the mass may not be attached to the ovaries. I am so torn on what to do. Have any of you ever experienced anything like this? If so please share your story if you don’t mind.