Checking back after a year with double rainbow

Ladies, I've posted here about a year ago about wanting to help my sister who was going through an "incompatibility with life" situation.

You ladies were absolutely lovely giving me tips about how I could be there for her. I'm not really a great support... I wanted to help but had no idea what to actually do, but you gave me great advice so I wanted to give an update to provide some perspective.

Well she carried on and they decided to try again. It all turned out better than expected! Just two weeks ago she gave birth to healthy twin girls. They came a bit early but that's because they grew too big and she's a bit petite... they are strong and healthy and have been already home for a few days.

So even though they went through a great loss quite late into the pregnancy, their little angel sent them a couple of rainbows.

It gets better.

Thank you for helping us a year ago.