My bf said I’m too young for him

My bf and I hv been together for 7 months. It’s still fresh and things have been good. He’s 22 im 19 but we are in two diff stages. I go to uni, live at home. He works an office job full time, pays bills, owns a car, etc.

In addition to that I’m the first younger girl he’s ever dated. His last ex is 6 years older than me.

This “age diff” was always an early apprehension because I don’t have complete freedom to sleep over etc like his last relationship. but one day he sat me down and promised me he won’t let any of these differences get in our way because he sees a great future for us etc. His words seemed so genuine and sincere and I was naive enough to believe him totally.

Now however, all of a sudden, he told me he’s not sure if he wants to be together because he sees us not working out in the future due to the same age and freedom issue.

Literally he just says he doesn’t know. So now I’m in a position where I’m literally waiting on him to decide what he wants. So unfair but I like him so much and things have been so good. I feel blindsided.

What to do ?

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